by Ian Bennett

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released April 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Ian Bennett California

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Track Name: Backward
Fear and comfort
Control and relinquish
Trying to find my way

Conquer and defeat
Where start and end meet
Searing for some balance

Loath and romance
Looking for a second chance
to make this right

Buried in the history
regret is no mystery
how do I change this life

And it all goes down
With the whispers of the sunset
All these tears
and the desert would bloom
For my remorse
At not being able to change course

But I can't help it
all I seem to do is look backwards

It's all backwards
Is this who I am?

Secrets that we confide
Hoping to stem the tide
Every day waking up
Knowing we had our trust

And yet somewhere in the distance
It seems I will find peace
Release from this treacherous deceit
My will to defeat, while now buried
Will soon arise

And I will look to the skies for comfort
Sunrise and blowing wind upon my skin
Track Name: Forward
I'm trying to find a way
through this
Forward, out into the beyond
Not necessarily an enemy
Certainly not a friend

Days pass
Made to feel a sweet dream believer
At long last
Mirror held to find you a deceiver

Excuses fast
to explain away the pain that we live
Always forward
into the vastness of nothing
Track Name: ErrorEncoding
Put here by my own will
I left to seek the thrill
And now the consequences
Are breaking down my present tenses

Watching clocks and can't stand still
All is right, sun rise above the hill
I just can't wait to kill this feeling

(This feeling) is so conflicting
This feeling is so constricting
No longer my mind's keeper
How much longer can I be the sleeper

The days they start to blend
We're mixing real and pretend

Friend, foe, love, lust, or mistrust
What mission to defend

When the dreams come
I try to find peace, serenity from this
But there must have been an error encoding

As the sounds rise up and realities merge
Crashing down, there is no escape
Track Name: Slam Pig
You sweat and sway your hips
The rush, you lick your lips
You hold your stare
As you toss your hair
Hoping that I'll answer your night's wish

You dance you grind
Lost sense of space and time
Trust a pill and lost your mind
Don't know or care who or what's behind
To feel this good, sometimes you must be blind

Wake up
I just hope she'll wake up
Why won't you just wake up

Wake up
Why can't you just wake up
Why can't you just

From across the room
I caught her eyes
The way she moves, her poetic sigh

I can stay all night
she's worth the wait
I can tell she's the one
that I've waited for all along

You don't know what he's got in mind
But he fits the bill
you've made up your mind

Why don't you just wake up
Open your eyes

You're just happy to go along
You know just where this goes after this song

Things are getting closer
Behind her, I barely know her
Just another inch deeper
and soon I can keep her

Wake up
Why won't you just wake up
Why can't you just
Track Name: SomethingSomethingSomething

Why can't you just say something?
Track Name: Urgency
You show no sense of urgency
Seem at peace with everything
As the buildings topple
The structures faulter

Here I stand
At the foundation
In awe of what I saw
I fought for it all

It's coming down
You're getting what you deserve
This formulation
It's taking me around

Life it goes away
The days fade into the darkness
Shadows come
Breathe turns into fog
Track Name: Escape Key
Where are you today
Why are you so far away

I'm looking for my escape key
I want to get out of this place
Looking for my escape key

I'm trying not to find
A reason to believe
In the divine

I'm trying not to find
A reason why
I should believe

I'm trying to find
a reason why
I shouldn't want
The lie
The lie